COMMERCIAL LICENSE REQUEST Select the toolboxes and packages for which you would like to have a quote request. With the optional toolboxes you pay only for the features you need for your personal requirements. The quote request is not a binding sales agreement and without obligation. The Quadoa® distribution partner in Asia will contact you afterwards.
Quadoa┬« Optical CAD - Commercial Perpetual License Quadoa® Optical CAD Perpetual Commercial License. Includes Quadoa® Optical CAD perpetual commercial license (without time restriction) and 1 year Software & Maintenance Support.
Toolbox: Mechanics Creator The Mechanics Element Toolbox enables direct integration of custom-made or commercial mechanical components inside the optical design. Import and Export of STEP,- IGES- and STL-Files.
Toolbox: Python, MATLAB® & C++ SDK Interface Access all core functions of Quadoa® Optical CAD via the powerful scripting languages Python, MATLAB® & C++. Automate repetitive tasks and integrate Quadoa in other applications.
Network License A network license allows to use Quadoa® without the need of a single license dongle. The license dongle has to be connected to the network server at all times in order to run Quadoa.
Number of Licenses:
Quadoa® perpetual licenses are sold on a per seat basis. In order to use Quadoa®, a hardware dongle must be connected to the computer or network server at all times. Please choose the number of licenses.
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